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From The Chair

Christine Hickey


The Committee to Elect Ward Hamilton

Dear Melrose Residents,


I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Ward Hamilton for Councilor at Large. Ward truly cares about the well-being of our city and community and has dedicated himself to being a good steward of the City of Melrose.


I first met Ward several years ago during an ice dam fiasco at my home on a weekend. I messaged Olde Mohawk Historic Preservation on a chance, and Ward offered his help immediately. Since then, I have known Ward as someone committed to bettering the lives of the people around him. In fact, his motto is "Be of Service to Others."


Ward's deep commitment to service is evident in his countless hours of volunteer work with local groups organized to improve the city and the quality of life for Melrose residents. Ward serves as the vice president of the Board of Directors for Congregational Retirement Homes and is the elected Melrose representative and treasurer on the Northeast Metro Tech School Committee. In past years, he has served in several roles, such as:


·  Melrose Historical Commission, Chairman

·  Superintendent of Melrose Schools, Screening Committee

·  Melrose Memorial Hall Capital Building Committee

·  Melrose Public Safety Building Committee

·  Melrose High School Site Council

·  Friends of Melrose Football, Treasurer

·  Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, Football Coach


As Councilor at Large, Ward would will tirelessly as a caretaker of the City of Melrose by focusing on fiscal responsibility, sustainable revenue streams, important local issues affecting the everyday lives of residents, and working alongside residents to support decisions that benefit the city's long-term interests, not short-term gains or personal interests.


Ward Hamilton is the kind of public servant we need on the Melrose City Council.  I urge you to vote for Ward Hamilton for Councilor at Large this November. 

From Trusted Community Leaders

Why you should vote for Ward


Rob Dolan

Former Mayor of Melrose, 2002-2018

"Ward Hamilton's qualifications and commitment to Melrose are unparalleled. As a professional preservationist and member of the Historical Commission, he has fought to preserve our cherished history and historic structures. As a member of the Vocational School Board, he has been a leader in advancing the most important regional investment of our generation: a new Northeast Vocational School. As a volunteer coach, he has been an important mentor to our middle school children. We need Ward's dedication and experience as a councilor at-large now more than ever." 

Dick Lyons

Former Mayor of Melrose, 1992-1997, 2000

"Ward Hamilton's track record of public service and commitment to the people of Melrose speaks for itself. He is the elected Melrose representative on the NE Metro Tech school committee and was selected to serve as treasurer as the new $317m building project got underway. Ward is the vice president of the board of directors at Congregational Retirement Homes, the largest private non-profit provider of senior housing in Melrose. He is the former chair of the Historical Commission and has served on the Public Safety Building Committee and Melrose High School Site Council for many years. Ward has proven time and again, through his actions, that his commitment to Melrose is unwavering. A vote for Ward Hamilton is a vote for the betterment of this city." 


Shawn McMaster

Melrose City Councilor

"During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I received a voicemail message from someone I didn’t know. The caller said that he was a volunteer with Melrose Cares and that he wanted to make me aware of an elderly constituent in my Ward who was unable to get to the grocery store.


While Melrose Cares was able to assist the resident, the caller wanted me to know the challenges the resident faced in the midst of the pandemic, should I wish to provide continued assistance as her City Councilor. The individual who left that voicemail message for me was Ward Hamilton.


I was very impressed that Ward thought to notify me of a resident in need; it showed that he understood that the reach of a good City Councilor extends beyond City Hall — that what you do for your neighbors can impact lives more than any vote taken in the chamber.


Little did I know that three years after I received that voicemail message that Ward would become one of my closest friends. In Ward, I found someone with similar interests, a love of civic affairs, and a sincere desire to give back to the community.


Ward Hamilton’s lifetime of service to Melrose demonstrates a genuine commitment to improving the quality of life for all of our residents. As a coach and fundraiser for youth sports, he has prioritized recreation and safe spaces for children and teens. As a board member of a local senior housing program, he understands the challenges that senior citizens face, especially when it comes to affordable housing. As a business owner, he has practical experience setting and managing budgets. His committed nature, versatile background, wealth of experience, sound judgement, and principled leadership will serve Melrose well.


I look forward to voting for Ward Hamilton in the upcoming election. I hope that you will join me in supporting his candidacy with a vote for City Council At-Large." 

Corey Thomas

Former Melrose City Councilor

“A lot of political candidates talk about leadership and commitment to our community, but Ward Hamilton’s actions speak louder than any campaign slogan. Ward has unique qualifications that make him stand out in a crowded field for Melrose City Councillor at Large. Ward’s longevity in our community, his successful business acumen, and his lengthy record of public service at both the Historical Commission and the Northeast Metro Tech School Committee make him the clear choice for Melrose. Join me in voting for Ward Hamilton on November 7th."


Jeff McNaught

Co-chair of the Melrose Public Safety Building Committee and former Melrose City Councilor

"Ward Hamilton makes no predetermined decisions, he has a true open mind. If you have a difference of opinion, he'll invite you to have a coffee to discuss it, and, unlike many, he has the capability to move off a position if you shed new light. I've never met a gentleman quite like Ward - and gentleman is the best word to describe him. I'm proud to call him a friend, and beyond thankful for what he has done and continues to do for the youth in multiple communities, always keeping Melrose at the forefront of his mind. His service on the Northeast Metro Tech School Committee helped result in the construction of a new vocational school that will educate multiple generations of new students to come, from Melrose and the eleven other sending communities. Ward also served for many years as a member and the chair of the Melrose Historical Commission. His knowledge about our City is second to none. We need his experience and strong leadership on the Melrose City Council. I am one of many voting for Ward Hamilton for City Councilor-At-Large on Nov. 7th, and I ask you to do the same."

Mark Garipay

Melrose City Councilor

"I am proud to support Ward Hamilton for City Councilor At Large. As a long time Melrose resident and a 1990 graduate of Melrose High School, Ward has continuously put his words into action. He has accomplished this as a volunteer football coach, a defender of our history on the Historic Commission and improving our elderly affordable housing as Vice President of the Congregational Retirement Homes Board of Directors. As an elected member of the Northeast Vocational School Committee he has proven his effectiveness. After seeing this effectiveness and dedication his peers on the school committee selected Ward to be the treasurer of the committee. Ward has tirelessly advocated for students of Melrose looking to further their education in the trades. During his tenure on the committee the number of students applying and attending the Northeast Vocational school has increased yearly and has now reached Melrose’s capacity number. A vote for Ward is a vote for advocacy, results and action for Melrose. Please join me in voting for Ward Hamilton for Councilor At Large on Tuesday, November 7th." 

Ward Hamilton.jpg

John McLaughlin, Jr

Long Time Civic Leader & Pillar of the Community

I am writing to express my strong support for Ward Hamilton for City Councilor at Large and would encourage all Melrose voters to consider supporting Ward as well. Ward stands out in this “At Large” race as an individual with a service history in the City of Melrose that is measured by success and the positive impacts he has made.

Ward has donated a considerable amount of time as a school committee member for the Northeast Regional Vocational School.  He also serves on the board of the Congregational Retirement Homes, the collective body that manages the Fuller House, the Cochrane House and the Levi Gould House.

Ward has had a hands-on approach and a direct impact with each of these organizations. 

  • Ward was the lead advocate in Melrose for the new Northeast Metro Regional Vocational School.  He championed the debt exclusion campaign in the City of Melrose.   This school provides technical education for over 1,200 area students who wish to enter the trades, including contracting, robotics, early childhood education and dental assistance.  These are desperately needed individuals in the workforce.  If you care about this school and these kids, Ward does too, and has proven it with hard work.

  • The Congregational Retirement Homes are one of the crown jewels of Melrose, providing over 300 units to Melrose Senior Citizens.  In my opinion it’s the most important non-profit organization in the community, allowing lifelong Melrose Residents the opportunity to continue to live in Melrose in a safe, clean and friendly environment.  This is a community in the strongest sense of the word.  Ward passionately advocates for these residents and has been part of a board that has made major investments and improvements to these residences.  If you care about these residences and the people who live in them, Ward does too, and he’s proven it with hard work.


Ward is also a successful business owner and employer in the Community.  His business, Olde Mohawk Historic Preservation, has a phenomenal reputation in the business community and Ward has been there for countless Melrose residents over the years.

In an era where politicians measure their success by how many likes they get on social media, it’s important to know that Ward measures his success by the improvements he’s made to the community and the organizations he serves.  Melrose needs Ward’s voice, and more importantly, his actions, on the City Council right now.

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